The NGOA is an informal group of enthusiasts who own and sail the Norfolk Gypsy yacht. Some Gypsys are at sea, some tucked away in estuaries, others in the quiet reaches of the Norfolk Broads. Their owners are scattered from Scotland to France with a healthy contingent on the East Coast. This site aims to provide a virtual clubhouse where people can exchange information, organise outings, or show off their design for a mast raising rig you can operate with one hand in a Force 7.

We hope it can become a valuable resource for anyone interested in the story of the Norfolk Gypsy.

Clicking on the Gypsy on the right hand side will take you to the Forum. Feel free to log in and ask a question. Better still provide an answer for someone else.  124 Gypsy sail numbers have been issued and their owners represent a valuable store of knowledge and experience.  By sharing it everyone benefits.

The easiest way for you to contribute is for you to e-mail me copy or photographs at david.hart@1cor.com, and I will then paste them into the relevant part of the blog. If anyone feels like taking over any specific part of the blog, they are very welcome, in which case they should register with wordpress.com so that they can write straight onto the site.

David Hart: owner of Gypsy Roma, No.97, as of August 2012

9 Responses to WELCOME

  1. Gordon Macintyre says:

    Found my way here Tony ! Looks like a very good start. Is a forum section possible ?

    • Tony Ramsay says:

      It might be better to have a link to a forum where people could discuss various topics. This again is easy to set up using free software and a platform like Proboards which is (I think) used by the Small Boat Forum.

  2. Richard Nevill - Gypsy Spirit says:

    Well done Tony – you are a star! I am sure Gordon and I will catch up, eventually. To whet the appetites, might you care to put some of your exploits on Bread, Bees & Boats in the Cruise Report Section?

  3. Richard Nevill - Gypsy Spirit says:

    Thank you for the update Tony. I like the forum – it may be the way to, eventually, work out why my bowsprit wanders, as I imagine yours does also, judging from the bridge photograph.

  4. Alan Boreham - Happy Days says:

    Thought I had better get out of the dark ages and have a go at this digital stuff.
    Actually it was dead easy! Thanks Richard for the encouragement.

  5. richendathompson says:

    The site looks fantastic – well done to all involved. We are going to be mentioning it in our Newsletter and encouraging people to take a look, I hope this is ok

  6. Rex Ashcroft says:

    See you all at Morston for the 2012 Regatta Friday 24th and Saturday 25th August?

    • David Hart says:

      Sorry I did not make this event (I was under-crewed, and I needed to get Gypsy Roma around to Burnham Overy Staithe), but I would be delighted to have some pictures of it and the list of participants/prize-winners for the blog – also inherited from Tony. e-mail at david.hart@1cor.com

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